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This Week's New Styles

Each week Dusti Rhoads releases something new. We believe that these weekly releases keep your customers engaged and buying on a regular basis.  These products are available for consultants and customers to purchase on Wednesdays at 12pm MST. 

Wild One Annoucemnt.jpg
Wild One Filly.jpg


The majority of the styles that we release are limited edition. However, we do have a few customer favorites that we try to keep around all the time. Also, if we have a style that sells out super fast, there is a pretty good chance that we will be reordering that style. There is a very easy way to tell if a style is going to restock or if it is just limited edition. If the style still appears on the website, but only has the "More Info" button underneath, and not the "Add to Cart" button, then it will be restocking soon. If you cannot find the style on the website at all, then it has retired and will not be restocked. 

When we do decide to restock a style, we will do so in conjunction with the new releases. Meaning, they will be available to purchase on Wednesdays at 12pm MT.

Here is our most recent restock(s):

Office Supplies/Consultant Only Products

Periodically, we release products that are only available to consultants. These might be office supplies, apparel, or other special products that we only want consultants to be able to purchase. These products can be found by going to your consultant portal, clicking on "Orders" In the purple, left-hand menu, then "Add New Personal Order" and then select "Office Supplies" on the left side of your screen. 

Add personal order.jpg

Any items found under the "Office Supplies" section are non-commissionable; meaning that when you purchase them, they do not count toward your PSV (personal sales volume) for the month. Because they don't count toward your PSV, you cannot earn sales bonuses on them and your upline cannot earn team building bonuses on them. These items are available to help you grow and manage your business. 

When we release these products they are available to consultants on Wednesdays at 12pm MST. They are, however, never available for customers to purchase.

Here's our most recent "consultant only" release(s):


Note: When you see the "More Info" button on apparel items, without an "Add to Cart" button next to it, it does not mean that the item is out of stock like it does with nails. You will need to click on the "More Info" button in order to select your size.

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