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Frequently Asked Questions

I have ideas for new products or new nail designs, how do I share them?

We love hearing new ideas from our consultants! You can share your ideas by searching for "Nail Suggestions" and then commenting on the post that comes up in the Dusti Rhoads Consultants Facebook group or email ideas to

How does income tax work?

In January of the following year, Dusti Rhoads will send you a 1099 form reporting all of the commissions and bonuses that you earned. It is your responsibility to report any income that you earned from selling products in person. You should also keep track of any expenses you incurred (invoices from Dusti Rhoads, paying for a booth at a vendor show, shipping costs, office supplies, etc.) It's a good idea to set aside 30% of your profit to cover the cost of income taxes. Talk with a tax professional for more detailed information. 

My party closed and my hostess didn't get her rewards order in, what do I do?

When you set up an online party you need to be aware of the exact closing date. As the consultant you are responsible for making sure your hostess gets her order in on time. However, we know that sometimes there are unavoidable circumstances that happen. In that case, message us on our Dusti Rhoads Facebook page and we can help you. 

If one of my personal recruits quits, and they had team members under them, do their team members move up to my first level?

The simple answer to this question is yes. When a consultant quits, any team members that they may have had will move up a level. Should that consultant decide to sign back up, they will not get their team member back.

How do I know who my upline is if I have questions?

Go to your consultant portal, click on "Reports" and then "Upline." This will bring up a chart with everyone above you, in order, all the way up to corporate. Their phone numbers are even listed there so that you can easily contact them. Start with the person directly above you, and if they can't answer your question, work your way up the line.

Can we sell internationally?

You as a consultant are more than welcome to sell internationally. Corporate, however, cannot. The reason being, there are a ton of international laws that we would have to abide by in order to do business in other countries. Canada, for instance, requires that we actually have a warehouse in Canada, in order to do business there. If you plan to sell internationally, you are personally responsible for abiding by any export laws that country may have.

Why doesn't the website accept PayPal?

Unfortunately, PayPal's bylaws restrict them from doing business with any direct sales company. Corporate cannot use PayPal on our website, but you as a business owner can use it for any sales that you do directly.

Why aren't we allowed to discount?

Before we started Dusti Rhoads, our family was in the western retail business for 30 years. When we closed our clothing store, one of the big reasons that we had to was because the companies whose clothing we sold, started selling directly to the consumer through their website. They almost always offered special pricing that we couldn't compete with. We never want this to happen with Dusti Rhoads. We want everyone to make money, and when some people are discounting, it ruins it for everyone. 
Also, we do not believe in the "Buy 3, Get 1 Free" concept that some of our competitors offer. The reason is that the average customer order that comes through is 3-4 sets. Let's say you have a customer that likes to change their nails every single week. They order 3 sets of nails at a time from you. If we were to give them a free set, each time they ordered 3, you would be missing out on selling 13 sets of nails a year. That is $39 profit that you would be out, and that's just on one customer. Also, offering a free set when you purchase 3 sets actually discourages customers from purchasing more than 3 sets at a time. The reason why you should never offer this on your own is that if you sell 3 sets of nails and give one set away, you have just given away all of the profit from the 3 sets of nails so you didn't make any money.

What is the difference between Dusti Rhoads & the "other guys?"

We know that this is a question that our consultants get a lot. We never want to bash any other company because in the end that just makes us look bad. The easiest way to address this question is by saying, "We're a little more country than that." It makes people smile and it explains our biggest difference without talking badly about anyone else. If you're in a party situation and someone asks that question, the best thing to do is to let your customers answer. Most of the time, your customers that have been with you for a while will tell others what they think makes Dusti Rhoads better and it sounds more sincere coming from them than it does the person who is trying to sell the product.

Where are Dusti Rhoads products made?

Because there is a company that has a patent on the manufacturing process for nail strips in the United States, we have to have them made in China. However, even though the product itself is made in China, they are inspected, sorted, sealed, packaged and shipped out of our warehouse in Mitchell, Nebraska. We also do all of the design work in the USA.
If you have a customer that seems particularly concerned about where they are made, let them know that we do as much of the processing in the United States as we possibly can. In reality, there are very few products out there that are US made. There are even several products that there are no US manufacturers available to make them. 

How do I get credit for products sold in-person?

With the exception of the nail strips in your kit, you get credit for products as you purchase them off of the website. You do not earn commissions on products that you purchase because instead, you receive a 25% discount. The products you purchase, however count at full retail, towards your personal sales volume (PSV), sales bonuses and team building bonuses.

What do I do if a customer contacts me because they received a "defective" set?

First things first, make sure that they take pictures. We cannot refund or replace any sets without pictures. You can have them contact corporate either by email ( or through our Dusti Rhoads Facebook page or you can contact us for them. The most important thing is to find out exactly how they applied the nails. If they used any kind of top-coat, Dusti Rhoads does not assume responsibility for them being "defective." We specify all of the time that we do not encourage the use of top-coat because some top-coats can ruin the nails. We also need to find out if they used the alcohol pad before applying, if they got their hands wet after applying, or used any kind of lotion/soap after applying. These are all things corporate can ask if they contact us directly. If the customer truly did receive a defective product, corporate will rectify the situation.

What if I want to cancel my business?

If for any reason you should decide that you no longer want to be a Dusti Rhoads consultant, then you will need to contact corporate directly to cancel. The best way to do this is through an email (we need it in written form that you requested to cancel). Send the email to Of course we hope this never happens and we want to encourage you to reach out to us if there is any way that we can help you with your business so that you don't have to cancel.
Just a note, if you should ever decide to sign up again in the future, you will have purchase a new start up kit. You will also lose any team members that you may have had.

If you have any other questions, please try contacting your upline first, as they will be able to give you the most timely answer. If they are unable to help you, then you can reach out to Dusti Rhoads corporate by email, through our Facebook page, or by phone. Your question will be answered during the business hours of 9am-5:30pm MST, Monday-Friday.



phone: 308-424-1053

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