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Why Host a Dusti Rhoads Party?

Do you enjoy earning free products from the comfort of your own home? Then why not host a Dusti Rhoads party? 


Your consultant can set up a Facebook event or group that you can invite 20-30 close friends to. Then all you have to do is interact with the posts and wait for the sales to come in. 


If your consultant lives close enough to come to your home, invite 5-10 close friends over for a manicure party. They can each purchase a set ahead of time and your consultant will walk you through the application process. Then they have the opportunity to purchase more at the end of the party.

How can you do to earn FREE products?

There are two ways to earn rewards during a Dusti Rhoads party. The first comes with the very first order that you get in your party. Once one person places an order, you earn one FREE set of nail polish strips or earrings. After that, you earn credit towards free products based off of your party's sales. For example, if you had a $200 party, you would earn 10% of the sales for free products, which comes out to $20 in free products. You redeem these rewards when you, or your consultant, places the hostess order on the party. 

Hostess Rewards.jpg

What can you do to help your party succeed?

Whether your party is online or in person, a personal invite is always best. If you can call, text, or direct message your friends to invite them, that is always better than just hitting the "invite" button next to their name on Facebook. 


If you are having a Facebook party, it's important to interact with everything that your consultant posts. Comment, like, or tag friends in each post. You can even post yourself. Post a picture of you wearing your favorite set of Dusti Rhoads nails. Do a "thank you" post every time someone orders. You can even share tips that you have found really useful. The more you interact, the more it will encourage your friends to as well.


If you are having an in home party, be sure to plan snacks of some kind. Make sure that you have enough table space that everyone can sit at the table to do their nails. Text a reminder out to everyone that you invited the day before your party, reminding them about it. Then, after the party, be sure to thank everyone who came.  

How can you place your hostess rewards order?

Check out this video for step-by-step instructions on how to place your hostess order and close your party:

*Consultants looking for information on how to set up a party, checkout the "How to Work Your Personal Sales business module under "Consultant Training."

How can you host a party?

If you already have a consultant that you have purchased from in the past, just shoot them a message and they would be glad to help you with a party.

If you don't already have a consultant, you can click the button below to go to our website and search for one near you. 

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