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This page has all of the information you need if you are considering becoming a Dusti Rhoads consultant.

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Our Mission


“Dusti Rhoads exists to pursue and preserve our western way of life by looking and acting the part in every facet of our lives. Dusti Rhoads empowers and enables individuals to build independent businesses. We offer a product line that complements those already within the industry as well as the casual western enthusiast, who enjoys fun and trendy fashions.


“The Dusti Rhoads business opportunity provides consultants the ability to work, sell, build, and lead teams while embracing their traditional western and rural lifestyles. We strive to support business owners and provide quality products that enhance the western lifestyle. 

“We recognize that everyone has a choice. While other mainstream options exist, Dusti Rhoads counters them by offering an authentic attitude and a custom-designed approach. 

“You hold the reins to your own life! Saddle up and ride towards your dreams!” 

Our Vision


“We are creating the original western marketing company offering authentic, timeless and quality accessories for those who pursue, preserve and personify our western way of life.” 

Our Passion: The Dusti Rhoads Way


* We do what we say we will do with respect; honoring our neighbors and our heritage. 

* We work hard, play smart, speak from the heart, and keep promises with our word and an old-fashioned handshake. 

* We act with integrity even when no one is looking. 

* We strongly believe in the necessity of western culture, rural America, and agricultural production as a sustainable way of life. 

* We believe in the concept of “thinking BIG, but acting SMALL.” No matter how big our company may get, we will always keep our small town, family oriented mindset at the forefront of everything we do. 

* We are accountable to our consultants, team managers, corporate support staff, communities, stakeholders and our Creator. 

* We embrace innovation and technology, while encouraging in-person interaction and relationship building. 

* We believe in rewarding a job well done. 

Make Money

How consultants earn money with Dusti Rhoads

* Start out making 25% Commission on everything you sell.

* Earn up to 10% Sales Bonus depending on your monthly sales total.

* Build a team and earn up to 6% Team Bonus on the retail sales of anyone that you recruit.

How to earn prizes


* Earn a bundle of business building supplies when you reach $350 in sales in your first 30 days.

* Earn a new prize each month for reaching $500 in retail sales.

How it Works

How to get started

Get your website the very same day you sign up! Host online parties and send customers directly to your website to purchase. We will ship out the order for you, and deposit your commission to your account.


If you like selling in person, order your own inventory and showcase it at home parties, trade shows, or just by showing them to your friends when you see them.

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